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Brian Charlton

Brian teaches a wide variety of classes at Bala Yoga in Seattle, Kirkland, and Sammamish.  


12-1pm All Levels @ Bala Yoga (Kirkland)

4:30pm-5:45pm All Levels @ Bala Yoga (Sam)
6-7pm Yoga Basics @ Bala Yoga (Sam)

9:30-10:45am All Levels @ Bala Yoga (Kirkland)

4:30pm-5:45pm Yin Yoga @ Bala Yoga (Seattle)
6-7:15pm All Levels @ Bala Yoga (Seattle)

4:30-5:45pm Yin Yoga @ Bala Yoga (Kirkland)
6-7:15pm All Levels @ Bala Yoga (Kirkland)


12-1pm All Levels @ Bala Yoga (Sam)

The Thai Yoga Bodywork I offer is a combination of Flying Therapeutics and myofascial release on the ground.  Receivers are fully clothed and will experience inversions, spinal traction, manual adjustments in yoga shapes, and deep relaxation.


I am available for private and couples Thai Yoga Bodywork weekdays.  Email to schedule.

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Classes are held in an 8 week series to introduce you to basic and intermediate postures, transitions and theories. We'll learn how to communicate effectively and work off each others strengths to create fun and exciting poses and series! No partner needed to attend these classes.  Drop-ins by instructor approval only.

Next series:

Acro Yoga Transitions - 
Thursdays 10/3 -11/21, 8-10pm

Pre-register here: $150
8 classes over 8 weeks

Class Location: Northwest Aerials