Brian Charlton

Yoga for Lovers: Wine + thai​

Coming back in May!

Drop off the kids, kiss your fur baby goodnight, grab your lover or pick up

your bestie for this sweet Yoga date night! We’ll play in pairs, indulge in

delectable nibbles and sips, explore soothing Thai Yoga Bodywork and

simple partner balances and stretches. Bring your appetite for chocolate

and keep an open palate as we’ll explore some delicious wines from

around the region throughout the night.

Acro yoga therapeutics

Thursday 2/14 @ Northwest Aerials

Join us on Valentines day for a special evening of Therapeutics!
We'll play with basic Acro Yoga Therapeutics

as well as some calming and grounding Thai Yoga Bodywork.
No experience needed, no partner needed.
We will be practicing on a soft gymnastic sprung

floor so no mats or pads will be needed.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move your body in!

High Vibrations

Saturday 4/20 @ Bala Yoga Fremont

Come learn about the wellness benefits of Cannabis and ways in which it

can enhance your practice and life. We'll start the workshop with a

presentation from an educated Budtender to explore the different forms of

Cannabis, its various compounds, how they work together and how they

can affect the brain & body. Following, Brian will lead you through a

90 minute yoga practice (Restorative or slow flow, with loving hands on

adjustments) set to a powerful soundtrack from one of Brians favorite

sound artists.  A delicious combination designed to take advantage of

your enhanced state and safely invite you deeper into your body through

several healing modalities.

There will always be a short 10 minute intermission between the

presentation and practice so you can get yourself ready.